Dedicated Servers : Managed Solutions


When Control and Flexibility are Paramount

Dedicated hosting means leasing an entire server or multiple servers for exclusive use as opposed to shared hosting in which many users share the resources of a server. This solution enables a business to have an added level of command and agility over their Web presence without the burden of making the upfront investment required to purchase and maintain it on their own.

Like shared hosting, the server is located in Wyenet's secure data center with 24/7/365 physical security and support and redundant Internet connections. However, a dedicated solution offers customers a richer set of features. For example, a business could customize its server to meet their unique performance needs, install customized software, and individualize settings for multimedia and e-commerce requirements. A business could even host numerous Web sites on just one server. And the customer has the option of "root access" to their server - enabling full command and control over the server.

Wyenet handles the server maintenance and keeping your provided server software up to date and secure, however, dedicated hosting requires additional customer involvement and expertise including some IT competency and server administration to maintain the server(s). Choose the rock-solid performance of Wyenet's dedicated hosting plans.

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