In The Clouds : or Standalone Dedicated Server?


What is the difference between virtual and physical servers? What's right for me?

Both Cloud based virtual machines and stand-alone dedicted servers are administered nearly identically. The only real difference is that your Cloud based virtual machine is part of a larger cluster or group of servers which adds tremendous uptime/availability. While Dedicated Servers are stand-alone machines still highly regarded for their exceptional speed and fast I/O times.

What is right for me?

Cloud Based Virtual Servers are renowned for nearly 100% uptime and nearly complete hardware redundancy. If hardware breaks your site will often stay online while that resource is replaced. Cloud based solutions are ideal for most users and represents the future of web hosting. Our tech admins were involved in the early development of Cloud based hosting architecture. Wyenet's offerings are unique in the sense that our Cloud based virtual servers have nearly identical security protection as dedicated servers. This is not the case with many host providers' virtual platforms.

Stand-Alone Dedicated Servers are still a strong solution for image, video and database heavy applications. Even with a RAID hard drive array a dedicated server is still vulnerable to other hardware failure which can temporarily take your site offline while replaced. Wyenet is highly skilled at catching hardware failure behavior before it happens but you still must weigh this factor while deciding between the two options.

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