Shared vs. Dedicated : What's Right For Me?

Shared vs. Dedicated Server Solutions

Shared web hosting plans have been very popular over the years primarily due to the cost savings. The resources of a shared server are distrubuted as needed to the many different websites on that server. We offer cloud based and blazing fast standalone machines to match our clients' needs.
Pros: Lower cost to host your website
Cons: No hands on control of the server itself. Your account speed and email reliability can be affected by your "neighbors'" websites on the same server.
Conclusion: If spending $100 to $300/month for your office website and email is too costly and you don't need the advantages that come with your own server solution, then a shared web hosting plan is for you.

Dedicated Servers & Cloud Based Virtual Servers allow a user to host their website(s) on their own machine, or in the case of cloud based servers on a Virtual Machine. It is more costly to have a server provisioned just for you but this brings many advantages too.
Pros: Full hands on control to server settings via WHM admin Control Panel. Always speedy since you are not sharing resources with other users. You can build a positive email reputation since your mailserver IP is not shared with other users. You can install just about any software you wish.
Cons: More costly than sharing the resources of a single server with shared web hosting plans.

Conclusion: If spending $100 to $300/month for your office website(s) and email is in the budget and the highest speed and reliability are essential. A dedicated server solution is for you.

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